Back on the wagon

Sorry I have been a bit neglectful of my blogging commitment.  Illness ran through my house which negated any cooking let alone writing.  I am going to be doing some serious catch-up so some really good recipes are coming your way.

As an aside I had a BRILLIANT idea to help make even more effective use of my Type A time.  I decided to expedite my mornings permed hair was the solution.  And being that spiral perms are the only perms I remember liking, what an excellent way to conquer my morning hair dilemmas.

I explained to my stylist that I really did not want to come out looking like an albino Annie, but rather reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Well when I came home my husband so eloquently asked why I decided to look like Dee Shneider and was I planning on being Twisted Sister with Halloween around the corner.  I think the term Bichon Frise came out of his (as he likes to call it) yapper!  To act uneffected by his encouraging words my witty retort was “Mas Tequila!  I was shooting for Sammy Hagar actually”.  I started to sing…”Its your one way ticket to midnight….call it…heavy metal….”

I tell people that it is a tribute to the 80’s concert we are going to in November (Knight Ranger, Loverboy and Journey).  Needless to say the hair has toned down….I did however resort to using an old bottle of “Tame” and things are good once again.


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