About Me

Well, as if I am not already busy enough as it is now I have a blog!!!

I live in the heart of BC Wine Country’s Okanagan valley.  I keep myself busy entertaining a 9 and 10 year old while working for a software development company and consulting on the side.  To break away from the desk and technology in a way that fits within the demands on me and provides life balance, I like to try out new exciting recipes and cooking techniques!  This is my way of expressing myself.  Oh that and I frequent auctions, garage sales and any other venue where I can find gadgets and deals.  I also have a secret love of Face Painting.

The dynamics of my life led to growing up where we learned to value a dollar. This has extended into a neat skill set of finding ways to circumvent a price tag and led to making things myself.  I used to consider myself thrifty and smart with my hard earned money.  I have recently become aware that really I am just all out cheap.

I love to laugh and I hope some people will get my humour (that will be embedded throughout my posts) and if you don’t, well, I can tell you I was laughing while I was writing.

In my travels I have found great recipes, excellent cost cutting tips, and the learned from many errors.  My analyst skills help me fix errors and improve processes even in the kitchen.  Although my husband frequently asks me to Shut it off….  I just giggle knowing deep down he loves it…(when he is not around…hahah).

So through this blog I am hoping you can take advantage of my quirks (as my house stud likes to call them).

Enjoy!  and well if not…scram… hahaha


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