Down with the smelly dishcloth

This will be a quick one…. short people are calling

We have what I like to call revolving dish clothes….after less than 1/2 a days wiping and washing my house stud quickly skirts the cloth away to the basement like a dirty little secret.  His pet…lets just say its more than a peeve….his pet rage is smelly dish cloths.

A solution that I have found and my good friends swear by is Norwex clothes.  I have some on order and will post an update as to the effectiveness of the cloth.  Now I am not super well versed on the product but these cloths apparently have silver in them that works as a bacterial agent.

With these clothes you don’t have to use any cleaning agents, just water and the cloth.  So I am about to embark on reducing the number of clothes I need (not just purely in an effort to keep up with my husbands love for laundering) but to see if they can truly stand the test of my kitchen.  Pretty it is….but also well used.


One thought on “Down with the smelly dishcloth

  1. Smelly dish cloths are disgusting. I read a story once that the cloths smell bad because of the bacteria in them. I just think of the bacteria that would surely get wiped all over the kitchen if they cloths weren’t tossed in the wash.


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